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Trace elements

Product overview 2023

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Trace element products

The demand of biogas-forming microorganisms for essential trace and bulk elements is well known by now. The substrate mix of a plant determines the supply of elements and its hydraulic load the concrete demand. While in the past it was assumed that farm manure (slurry, manure, etc.) and most wastewater provided sufficient trace elements, science and experience shows very specific elements are required in biogas production which are not used in animal feed or food production. As a result, even biogas plants with a larger proportion of appropriate residual substrates are forced to supplement the trace element supply to their digesters in order to obtain the full gas yield from their substrates and/or to achieve full plant utilization.

As a result of the different feeding regimes, the trace element supply of biogas plants differs significantly. The dosage of additives must therefore be adapted to the ration, as is common in animal feeding; one reason for this being the avoidance of oversupply potentially resulting in inhibition. Another reason is the prevention of performance losses due to the deficiency of individual elements. At the same time, it must be the goal of biogas industry and agriculture in general to protect arable land and to safely comply with local ordinance limit values. This can only be achieved through bespoke trace element dosing based on regular digester analysis. This is where the Schaumann BioEnergy concept comes in.

Trace elements 4.0: Now even more effective thanks to a new, patented manufacturing process.

  1. effective: highly available trace elements and active ingredients, protected from precipitation, solid or liquid, expertly combined to get the most out of your biogas plant.
  2. simple: easy handling: all formulations come in fermentable bags, bag size corresponds to your daily dose. Or liquid in different container sizes incl. hand pump.
  3. safe: For your safety and that of your employees, we use only high-quality raw materials with very low hazard classification. There is no need for compulsory precautions and our products do not need to be "under lock and key". Our granulate products in fermentable bags can be added via solids dosing units. The liquid products can either be dosed manually or with automated dosing pumps.
    Our analysis-based bespoke formulation and the resulting avoidance of excess supply protects your arable land and the environment.
  4. fair and inexpensive: the use of our products enables a variety of savings (stable biological process, optimal substrate utilization, additional effects of desulfurization/viscosity, reduced wear-and-tear and maintenance times, lower parasitic load, free analyses, on-site support by experienced consultants in the event of process disruptions, etc.), which increase your return on investment overall and reduce costs long-term. The profit of a plant is determined at the end of the year.

Made in Germany: All our trace element products are produced in Germany with fair wages and high quality standards at SCHAUMANN manufacturing sites.