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Product overview 2023

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Products for desulphurisation

Optimal biogas production is impossible without desulphurisation. For the removal of hydrogen sulphide from biogas, we differentiate between in-digester desulphurisation and external iron precipitation (see diagram).
Usually, different processes are used simultaneously to achieve an optimal cost/benefit ratio:

  • Controlled air/ oxygen dosing, which greatly reduces the formation of sulphuric acid.
  • Targeted sulphur precipitation with BC.ATOX Scon or BC.ATOX liquid
  • External desulphurisation in the external filter with FERRUM Scon (iron granulate)

For plants at risk of damage to timber constructions of digester ceilings or to the concrete digester wall top, we advise against supplementary air/oxygen dosing.
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Schaumann BioEnergy Consult offers highly effective and unique products both for sulphur precipitation inside the digester with iron products and for external desulphurisation. For in-digester desulphurisation, choose between our patented granulate BC.ATOX Scon based on iron hydroxide or the liquid BC.ATOX LIQUID based on iron(II) chloride. Furthermore, for desulphurisation in the external gas filter, you can choose between three different grain sizes and two different iron granulate types.
All our iron products are highly reactive and react 100 %. The faster the iron additives react in the digester, the less of it reaches storage tanks without effect adding high importance to high availability and rapid distribution of the product in the digester.