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Invented in 2007. Improved: Every day.

Competence, enthusiasm and customer friendliness have been the driving force for us for 16 years. We believe in biogas!

  • 16 years of expertise in biogas
  • 25 countries worldwide
  • a competent team of product manager
  • 850kW  research and field test biogas plants
  • 1.450 40-tonne trucks loaded with individual trace element mixtures
  • 2.876 satisfied customer
  • 11.897 t of bound sulphur through our product
  • 19.420 individual trace element formulations
  • 184.000 digester samples drawn, analysed and evaluated
  • 601.085 m³ of digestate saved through enzyme use
  • 3.091.200 MWh more energy through avoided ensiling losses
  • 92.000.000 t of inoculated silages with our own lactic acid bacteria strains

(Stand January 2023)

Our advantages at a glance

  • Innovative research and development in our own laboratories, research digesters and testing facilities
  • Accredited analytical service laboratory for recording biological and chemical production parameters
  • Extensive know-how in the preservation of energy crops
  • Decades of experience in the production of trace element and mineral mixtures
  • New, state-of-the-art production facilities for bacterial and enzyme products

Efficient biogas production solutions

  •  We optimise biological processes
  • We offer highly specialised know-how.
  • We provide more efficient biogas production.
  • We promote degradation processes.
  • We stabilise fermentation processes.
  • We provide a basis for decision-making.

Membership in the Biogas Association

Fachverband Biogas e.V. is the largest German and European association representing the interests of the biogas industry. It represents manufacturers, plant constructors and agricultural and industrial biogas plant operators throughout Germany with the aim of expanding biogas production and use for the nationwide supply of electricity, heat and fuel, for Germany as a business location and for effective climate protection. It is organised nationwide with around 4,700 members.

Membership since 2007

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