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It started with an idea. Now it is our vocation.

In cooperation with ISF Schaumann Forschung, we are researching innovative findings to improve substrate utilisation. In addition, we operate two field test biogas plants on a practical scale. We have even more plans! Get in touch with us.

Biogas batch fermenter at ISF Schaumann Forschung

The research facility at ISF Schaumann Forschung performs trials using constantly operating pilot plants.

With 150 biogas batch fermenters in sizes ranging from 1 litre to 30 litres to up to 60 litres, and 24 continuously operating biogas mini-systems of 18 litres, the ISF has the largest privately-operated capacity for research opportunities in the biogas sector.

Pilot biogas plant at Gut H├╝lsenberg

Since 2009 Schaumann BioEnergy has been using a 776 kW pilot biogas plant at Gut Hülsenberg. The necessary substrates for the silage trials can be provided here quickly and easily.

The various success factors in the methane formation process can be investigated on a production scale.

Biogasanlage auf Gut Hülsenberg
776 kW Versuchsbiogasanlage

Research and Development

Research and development play a major role for Schaumann BioEnergy Consult. This is the key to achieve top results and exceptional innovations. To this end, we conduct market studies and engage in continuous research work. This includes, among other things:

  •  Testing the storage stability of input materials
  •  Testing the biodegradability of new input materials
  •  Evaluation of inhibitor


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