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Our innovative products are based on comprehensive research and development programmes. Our creative and competent teams of experts conduct research with the aim of constantly optimising biogas production and increasing efficiency.

The foundation for our excellent innovations is our network of proven specialists.

We work in close cooperation with:

  • ISF Schaumann Research
  • Schaumann BioEnergy  – Know-how-netzwork
Zentrale in Pinneberg
Zentrale Verwaltung in Pinneberg

Analytics and trials - ISF analytics

Schaumann BioEnergy has access to the state-of-the-art analytics and research centre of ISF analytics at its Hülsenberg site. Precise laboratory results are the basis for internal quality assurance and for customised product use. The excellently equipped biogas pilot plant offers all the facilities necessary for the development of innovative products and the optimisation of existing products.

Schaumann BioEnergy has been operating its own biogas plant (776 kW) at Gut Hülsenberg in Wahlstedt since 2009. Here, not only can fermenter trials be carried out on a practical scale, but also the necessary research in the field of substrate preservation.


Learn more about ISF GmbH and Gut Hülsenberg.

Production facility - Schaumann-Werk Eilsleben

The production of our extensive product range takes place in modern, high-performance factories and is subject to the strict requirements of quality management.

Sustainability through energy efficiency

Advantage by quality

Production facility - Lactosan

Lactosan GmbH is located in Kapfenberg, Austria. Lactosan is our partner in biotechnology. The innovative company produces microorganisms and enzymes. A high-performance team with many years of extensive knowledge supports us in realising our visions.

Learn more about Lactosan here.

Production facility- senzyme

senzyme GmbH is based in Troisdorf. The innovative biotechnology company develops and produces specific active substances and additives for applications in the energetic and material use of plant biomass.

senzyme GmbH has extensive and long-standing experience in the production of technical enzymes with fungi by solid-state fermentation.

Learn more about senzyme GmbH here.

Production facility Tilco-Alginure

Alginure products contain the highly effective ingredients from the brown algae, which are gently broken down so that they can be fully utilised. The special knowledge of the algae ingredients and the specially developed processing and digestion methods make Alginure products unique.

Liquid, granulated and pasty product formulations are manufactured at the production site in Reinfeld in Schleswig-Holstein. Alginure products are used in modern and nutrient-optimised plant cultivation, in future-oriented animal nutrition and in resource-saving energy production from renewable raw materials.

Learn more about Tilco-Alginure GmbH here.