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Company history

An enterprise is not a static state, but a continuous process.

The company history of our sister company Schaumann BioEnergy and the foundation of Schaumann BioEnergy Consult GmbH

Development of SILASIL ENERGY


SILASIL ENERGY is the world's first silage additive explicitly developed for biogas production.

DLG Innovation award for SILASIL ENERGY


SILASIL ENERGY, the silage additive specially developed for the preservation of energy crops, is launched to market. At EuroTier 2006 in Hanover, DLG awards the Innovation Medal to SILASIL ENERGY, a world first.

Foundation of the company


The founding meeting of Schaumann BioEnergy took place in Magdeburg in 2007.

The first product lines


The first product lines were SILASIL ENERGY, BC.PRO and BC.ACID.

Germany-wide series of lectures


The newly founded company was presented in a Germany-wide series of lectures in spring 2007.

Schaumann BioEnergy at EuroTier


In 2008 Schaumann BioEnergy was represented for the first time with an exhibition stand.

Construction of our research biogas plant


The two-stage research biogas plant is built and put into operation at Hülsenberg Estate.

Market premiere of "fermentable packaging"


We are the first company in the biogas industry to use fermentable bags in order to protect both the health of the users and the environment

BC.COMPACT product line


The product line BC.COMPACT is introduced to the market.

Expert meeting


An expert meeting was held at the Hülsenberg research biogas plant to exchange information on the latest findings in Anaerobic Digestion.

BC.TEplex product line


Development of a complex, liquid product line BC.TEplex

Enzymes BC.ZYM

Study on the effect of BC.ZYM

Introduction of the completely new product line Enzyme BC.ZYM

Production kick-off of the BC.ATOX line


Die Produktion der Linie BC.ATOX startet.

First approval of SILASIL ENERGY.C


Successful first approval of SILASIL ENERGY.C, the first purely biological ensiling additive approved for both biogas farms and animal feed.

Cooperation with the company Senzyme

Flat bed fermentation at Senzyme

Foundation of the companies Senzyme and Bonalytic as group subsidiaries, with the aim of independent enzyme production and certified laboratory diagnostics

Cooperation with Gewitra


Cooperative collaboration with the group-owned company Gewitra in gas leakage measurements and other services

Trace element chelates ACTILINC


Highly available trace element chelates produced in a patented process are brought to market maturity under the line name "ACTILINC".

Partnership with TRIANEL


The partnership with Germany's largest municipal utility association TRIANEL for the direct marketing of electricity is launched successfully.

Anniversary colloquium


Anniversary colloquium on the occasion of the company's fifth anniversary.

In April 2012, a scientific conference was held in Wernigerode with a collective summit meeting on northern Germany's highest mountain, the Brocken.



Special publication


On the occasion of the 75th company anniversary of H. Wilhelm Schaumann GmbH, a special publication appeared in the Bauernblatt Schleswig-Holstein.



The high bioavailability of the ACTILINC trace element chelates produced by means of a patented manufacturing process enables the high-concentrate line BC.MAGXX and its sensational market placement.

Hosting of the 75.10 Anniversary Symposium


On 7/8 October 2014, the international symposium "More methane from less substrate" was hosted in Bad Segeberg with great resonance. The scientific contributions were summarised and published in a conference volume. 

DLG quality mark


Schaumann BioEnergy is the first company on the German silage additive market to succeed in meeting the ambitious criteria for obtaining the DLG quality mark for effect 6b. To date, no other company has succeeded in meeting these requirements in the required quality and quantity.

Anniversary Colloquium


Anniversary colloquium on the occasion of the company's tenth anniversary.

In May 2017, a scientific conference was held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with a collective summit meeting on Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze.


Company merger


Corporate merger of Schaumann BioEnergy and Bioreact.

Merger of the smaller Bioreact GmbH with market-leading Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH, thus ending intra-group competition with the aim of pooling resources.


Patent for BC.ATOX Scon


In April 2020, formulation and effect on the fermentation process of BC.ATOX Scon were patented by the European Patent Office.

Foundation of the ISF analytics


The laboratory services of ISF GmbH (Wahlstedt) and Bonalytic GmbH (Troisdorf) will in future be bundled in the corporate division ISF analytics at the Wahlstedt site.