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Sustainability Social responsibility

Social responsibility

As a family-owned company, we consider ourselves to have a social responsibility towards the population as well as towards our employees themselves. Our primary goals include guaranteeing consistently high-quality advice and support for our clients. To this end, Schaumann BioEnergy Consult invests in the continuous education and training of its employees.

User-friendly product packaging to protect the customer

To minimize the impact on humans and the environment, care is taken in packaging design to avoid contamination of the environment. Therefore, the "lost packaging" (fermentable bag) was developed in 2008, which is degraded under anaerobic conditions.

The packaging material, made from renewable raw materials, can be introduced unopened into the digester. There, the material is completely degraded and dissolves completely. The dosing of closed containers ensures the greatest possible user protection and makes disposal of the packaging unnecessary. The graphic shows the degradation of a completely fermentable package of BioEnergy products under anaerobic conditions.

Schaumann BioEnergy Consult also offers solutions for the dosing of liquid products for maximum user protection. Here, the highly concentrated solutions are dosed from the drum or IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) directly into the digester by means of a pump via hose lines. This closed system prevents contamination of the environment.

Sustainable product formulation

When selecting raw materials to be used in products, Schaumann Bioenergy Consult always strives to select the least toxic or environmentally hazardous substances to exclude any risk to users.


Fermentierbare Verpackung
Fermentable packaging after 0, 1, 5 and 8 days in the biogas digester.