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SILASIL ENERGY.XD - the biological ensiling agent for energy crops used in AD

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SILASIL ENERGY.XD combines the three successful lactic acid bacteria strains Lactobacillus diolivorans, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus buchneri in a highly efficient way. Strain production takes place by means of a unique biotechnological process. SILASIL ENERGY.XD is particularly recommended when brief silage maturation times of between 2-6 weeks are required.


The metabolism of L. diolivorans forms the centre of the effect. Short generation times coupled with pronounced competitive strength provide the selected bacterial strains with distinct advantages over the naturally occurring, harmful bacteria. Rapid lactic acid formation in the initial phase of the fermentation process creates the basis for the synthesis of additional preservative metabolic products (e.g. acetic acid, 1-propanol). These heterofermentative fermentation processes enhance and accelerate protection of high-quality ensiled material from energy-depleting moulds and yeasts. All synergistic metabolic processes of this strain combination require minimal energy consumption.

SILASIL ENERGY.XD - the unique bacteria combination for faster biological ensiling:

  • controls the ensiling process
  • shortens silage maturation
  • increases aerobic stability at the clamp face and during interim storage
  • reduces fermentation-related energy losses


Use: 2 g product in 0.05-2.0 l/t, corresponds to at least 200,000 cfu/g ensiled material

  • Maize whole crop silage 28-40 % DM
  • Maize grain products (e.g. crimped maize, CCM) 55-65 % DM
  • cereal wholecrop (as energy crop silage) 28-40 % DM
  • Energy grass 30-45 % DM
  • Sorghum > 25 % DM
Pronounced inhibitory effect against yeast proliferation due to rapid acetic acid formation.
Pronounced inhibitory effect against yeast proliferation due to rapid acetic acid formation.