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ACTILINC - Trace Element Chelate Complex


Trace elements - essential additives

The addition of trace elements for reasons of optimising process biology is now a key part of the expertise of every performance-based biogas installation. Schaumann BioEnergy was the first supplier to manufacture bespoke trace element blends on the basis of scientifically determined requirement standards. The foundation of all formulations was and is the exact analysis of all relevant parameters of the digester contents. Only the analytically determined, actual requirement is supplemented. Thereby, overdosing and the associated environmental pollution are reliably avoided! The core objective of current research projects is: further improve resource efficiency.

Focus on bioavailability

Together with its research partners, Schaumann BioEnergy developed the novel ACTILINC modules. These trace element additives enable reduced addition and targeted supply at high process capacities. The basis for the innovative product formulation of ACTILINC is the invention of a new manufacturing process based on a solid-state reaction. In this process, metal ions are combined with amino acids in a synthesis to form highly available trace element chelate complexes. ACTILINC is individually formulated as a customised trace element chelate mixture according to requirements

Darstellung 1: ACTILINC-Spurenelemente beschleunigen den Prozess

ACTILINC faster reaction due to increased availability

The significantly improved trace element availability from the ACTILINC complex for bacteria and archaea has been scientifically proven and leads to an acceleration of biogas formation. These laboratory results were confirmed in a series of field tests under full-scale conditions.

Figure 1 shows the faster reaction of ACTILINC in the biogas formation process by adding two different trace element formulations. In addition, by reducing the amount used, the requirements of soil ecology can be taken into account better than before.

Figure 2 shows a comparison of the bioavailable fractions in the fermenter contents by means of sequential extraction between control and fermenter substrates treated with ACTILINC.

Darstellung 2: Actilinc - bessere Bioverfügbarkeit der Spurenelemente

ACTILINC in the new BC.MAGXX product line

ACTILINC enables targeted addition of trace elements wherever analytically determined deficiencies need to be compensated for without there being a deficiency of macro-elements or any other fermentation problem at the same time. ACTILINC is applied via the BC.MAGXX product line - the systematic addition to the Schaumann BioEnergy Consult BC. product lines. BC.MAGXX combines reduced application rates with a very good price-performance ratio.