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Fermentation additives

Products for fermentation biology

To be able to fully exploit the biogas potential of the substrate in the fermenter, we have developed a special concept, which assures the tailor-made nutrient supply of the micro-organisms in the fermenter and allows an almost full-power performance..

For optimal exploitation of the energy potential of renewable raw materials


For biogas production using industrial co-substrates and organic residues



Trace element products

Plant-specific micronutrient mixtures are produced according to the BC.Concept, maximising the fermenter efficiency.

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Iron preparations

Special combinations of active ingredients for the reduction of trace element gases in the biogas and process-inhibiting
ingredients in the fermenter.
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BC.ZYM – tailor-made concept for low viscosity and improved substrate utilisation. BC.ZYM supplies optimised enzyme products, designed specifically for the biogas process.
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Special additives

Steady process biology and reliable gas production with special additives from Schaumann BioEnergy.
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Good to know

More information about the Principles of fermentation biology