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Trace element products

As with all biological processes, Liebig’s Law of the Minimum also applies in biogas plants. This Law states that if one nutrient is limiting, full yields cannot be achieved.
Therefore, an optimally adjusted trace element dosage provides the stabilisation and optimisation of the methane production process by promoting growth of the micro-organisms involved in the breakdown process and allowing the accumulation of the necessary enzymes and co-enzymes.
Synchronisation of the individual steps in biogas production and a long-term increase in the fermenter performance is achieved through the addition of trace elements.

Optimal fermentation biology for renewable raw materials


Plant-specific micronutrient mixtures are produced according to the BC.Concept, which is based on precise analytical and scientific requirement standards for maximising the fermenter efficiency.
Depending on the requirements of the biogas plant, the granulated micronutrients BC.PRO® and BC.COMPACT or the liquid micronutrient mixtures BC.TEplex and BC.MAGXX promote the optimal conversion of renewable raw materials in the biogas fermenter.

To the BC.Conzept-products

Optimum conversion or organic residual materials

…for different plant Systems

• Agricultural Biogas plants
• Communal waste fermentation plants
• Wastewater treatment plants with co-fermentation
• Anaerobic industrial wastewater plants
• Dry fermentation plants
• Percolation plant systems
• External biological desulphurisation columns

…for different substrates

• Energy crops

• Agricultural residues
• Residual materials and wastewater from food production
• Residual materials and wastewater from beverage manufacture
• Residual materials from rendering plants and poultry farming
• Mash from ethanol production
• Residual materials from starch recovery and fat separation