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Special additives

BC.ATOX.ACTIVE - Minimising the inhibitory effect of ammonia

New! High degradation efficiency! BC.ATOX Active contains a special combination of secondary plant metabolites with mineral active ingredients.

BC.ATOX Ncon - a stabilised process biology brings an improved operating result

With its special combination of active ingredients for the reduction of ammonia toxicity, BC.ATOX Ncon reduces process-inhibiting substances from protein-rich fermentation substrates and stabilises the fermentation biology.

BC. MAKROcon - compensation of macronutrient deficiencies

BC.MAKROcon - for compensation of deficiencies in the main elements in the biogas production plant.

BC.SPcon - the reliable solution for foaming problems

BC.SPcon - silicon-free, non-mineral liquid defoamer for biogas plants, works quickly and extensively against various types of foam.