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SILASIL ENERGY® - for carbohydrate-rich crops

For carbohydrate-rich crops
SILASIL ENERGY® is a silage additive made from hetero-and homofermentative lactic acid bacteria. It promotes substrate digestion and the extremely low-loss substrate preparation of carbohydrate-rich energy crops.


Dosage: 2 g powder in 0.25 – 2.0 l water /t silage
Maize WPS with 28 - 40 % DS, Maize products (e.g. CCM) with 55 - 65 % DS,
Grain WPS with 28 - 40 % DS.


Ideally optimised for the biogas process fermentation acid pattern with SILASIL ENERGY® - treated maize silage (IFA Tulln, 2005)
SILASIL ENERGY® uses its special lactic acid bacteria, which create a specific fermentation acid pattern with a strong acetic acid note specifically for biogas production.

The result

SILASIL ENERGY® controls the ensiling process with two clear effects:

1st protects the energy in the silo
The special fermentation acid pattern reduces the risk of aerobic instability, secondary heating, mould formation and fouling of the silage, so that energy and nutrients are optimally protected.

2nd Improved availability of the energy in the fermenter
SILASIL ENERGY® treated silages are easier to hydrolyse. The formation of the biogas begins significantly earlier and the breakdown of the biomass to biogas is completed earlier.


Your advantage

Methane yield tests (batch tests) with three different maize silage batches, both untreated and treated with SILASIL ENERGY®.
The use of SILASIL ENERGY® significantly increases the methane yield. Thus, the use of silages in biogas production is more profitable.