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Resource efficiency

Optimised resource efficiency through highly available trace elements

The trace element additives ACTILINC achieve particularly high process performance with targeted delivery at reduced dosage amounts. To do so, ACTILINC is individually adjusted as a tailor-made trace element-chelate mixture according to the requirement standards. This ensures that only the analytically determined, actual requirement is supplemented. Thus, overdosing and with it the resulting environmental pollution are reliably prevented.

Actilinc trace elements accelerate the process

Strongest effect - reduced effort

The ACTILINC complex has been scientifically demonstrated to offer significantly better trace element availability for bacteria and archaea and thereby to lead to accelerated biogas formation. The figure shows the fast ACTILINC reaction in the biogas production process. Furthermore, the increased bio-availability through organically-bound trace elements results in a reduced required dosage compared with that of inorganic trace elements, which in turn improves the soil ecology.


Reduced environmental impact

The adjusted additives and high bio-availability of the trace element-chelate mixtures bring about a marked reduction in the heavy metal content of the digestate and consequently to reduced heavy metal input into the soil. BC.MAGXX and the contained ACTILINC are the logical development of the Schaumann BioEnergy product range, which in the future will help to make the targeted addition of trace elements even more effective, environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

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