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Iron preparations

All sulphur compounds are reduced to hydrogen sulphide in the digester. This preferably reacts with dissolved metal-ions. Free H2S in high concentration does not only precipitate essential trace elements in the digester, but also has a toxic effect on a large number of microorganisms engaged in the biogas process. Additionally gaseous sulphur compounds lead to an acidification of engine oils and affect oxidative catalysts in the exhaust gas.

The iron compounds included in BC.ATOX –products react with the present hydrogen sulphide to iron sulphide and thus effectively reduce the H2S-concentration in the liquid and in the biogas as well. So, trace element precipitation and inhibition by sulphides is reduced and microbial activity in the digester is activated. Thus it supports the stabilisation and optimisation of the digestion of organic substances.

Like with sulphur, all nitrogen compounds in biogas digesters are reduced to ammonium. Dissolved ammonium and free ammonia are in a balance, which is governed by the actual temperature and the pH-value. Free ammonia is toxic for a big part of microorganisms being active in the biogas process. Thus, high concentrations of free ammonia threaten the stability of the methane production process. Furthermore, gaseous NH3 in the biogas can cause aggradations of nitrogen compounds in gas pipes and filters and increased NOx concentrations in the exhaust gas.

Next to the effect on sulphur, BC.ATOX liquid and ferric chloride precipitate ammonia efficiently. Thus, the products reduce inhibition by high nitrogen contents and additionally activate the hydrolytic activity in the digester. This allows the stabilization and optimization of the degradation process of organic substances.


Schaumann BioEnergy offers different iron blends for the reduction of trace gases in the biogas and inhibition in the digester.

The advantages of BC.ATOX products:

■ Reduction of trace gases in the biogas
■ Decrease of maintenance and engine oil expenses
■ Avoidance of precipitates in gas pipes, the engine and heat exchangers
■ Reduction of inhibition effects by hydrogen sulphur and ammonia
■ Activation of the microbial population
■ Stabilisation of the biogas process
■ Supply of the substrate Degradation

■ Higher business profit


BC.ATOX Scon – for effective desulphurisation

BC.ATOX Scon is a powdery product based on iron hydroxide, delivered in digestible bags. BC.ATOX Scon is not toxic nor corrosive and it is characterised by high desulphurisation effectivity.

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BC.ATOX liquid – Triple effect in liquid form

The effective substances in BC.ATOX liquid are liquid iron and aluminium salts, supplemented with active ingredients for the reduction of hydrogen in the biogas. Due to this combination BC.ATOX liquid has the ability to reduce hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and hydrogen at the same time.
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