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Full performance with the BC.Concept

BC. products increase the energy yield

By using BC. micronutrient mixtures, you achieve a very high degree of capacity utilisation of the biogas fermenter. An increase in capacity utilisation from 90 to 98 % equates to an increase in performance of € 3300 per month for a 500 kW plant.

The special micronutrient production lines BC.PRO, BC.COMPACT and BC.MAGXX are individually adjusted to the biological situation of each single fermenter and enable optimum performance of the methane production process.
The methane yields are maximised, thereby increasing the energy yields

BC.Concept - for optimal exploitation of renewable raw materials in the fermenter

The BC. micronutrient mixtures balance the deficiencies as well as adjusting unfavourable conditions and availability of the micronutrients in the biogas fermenter. How BC. micronutrient mixtures work in the Fermenter



• Stabilisation of the breakdown process
• Activation of the methanogenic organisms in the fermenter
• Synchronisation of the individual steps in biogas production
• Long-term increase in the fermenter performance
• Maximisation of the methane yield
• Increase in the company profits


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