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Enzymes in fermentation biology

BC.ZYM – tailor-made concept for low viscosity and improved substrate utilisation

BC.ZYM provides the enzyme products that are specially optimised for the biogas process. The BC.ZYM products are active ingredient complexes from specific biocatalysts (enzymes and co-factors), which accelerate the decomposition of organic substrates or make it even possible

Areas of application

• Difficulties when mixing the fermenter contents
• Difficulties when pumping the fermenter contents
• Suboptimal substrate utilisation
• High proportion of fibre-rich raw material
• Sinking or floating layers
• Short residence time




For the first time, the BC.ZYM modular system allows determination of the current enzyme status in the fermenter and supports the efficient substrate breakdown in a targeted manner.



Find out more about The BC.ZYM modular system - Structure and working principle

The result - Your advantage

Improvement in the specific substrate exploitation

Increase in the stirring Efficiency

Improvement in the pumpability

Increased use of more cost-efficient input materials

Improvement in the process stability

Higher commercial profit



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