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Energy balance

Optimisation of the own energy requirement

Effective intensity of BC.ZYM
The BC.ZYM modular products reduce the viscosity, increase the flowability and the ability to stir the substrate, thereby supporting effective substrate breakdown.

Optimisation of the own energy requirement
Through the use of BC.ZYM, the reduced fibre viscosity of the substrate increases the stirring efficiency in the fermenter and at the same time leads to improved pumpability. The shortened stirring and pumping times thereby reduce the own energy requirement of the biogas plant (see figure). On the one hand, this saves costs and, as a result, increases the economic feasibility of the plant. On the other hand, a daily saving equivalent to 129 kg CO2 is saved through the reduced energy consumption of 230 kWh per day (see figure) (Statista, 2014).
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