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Consulting service

Schaumann BioEnergy sees itself as an independent consultant for the development of biogas projects.


Development and realisation of biogas projects
This work stretches from the production of feasibility studies, to the creation of plant concepts, to the expert assistance during the planning and building phases. At the same time, the emphasis is on successful realisation of the project in the interests of the customer.


International cooperation
Schaumann BioEnergy is internationally networked and as a result is able to help globally with the rapid realisation of biogas projects and successful energy production.
Safe and efficient biological start-up and fast rectification of process problems as part of the biological assistance provided by Schaumann Bioenergy guarantee maximum profitability of the biogas plants.


Knowhow and experience
The expertise and experience of Schaumann BioEnergy are based on many years of support and evaluation of operating data from several thousand biogas plants.

Furthermore, with pilot plants at full scale, dozens of continuously operating fermenters, over 100 batch fermenters and numerous opportunities for biological inhibition and activity tests in the laboratories of the ISF Schaumann Forschung, we can quickly and competently answer all the questions regarding technical and biological process parameters or the fermentability of substrates.
The comprehensive data set enables optimum project planning and the selection of appropriate components for every application during the plant design.
This in-depth knowledge is also passed on to the operator, investors and authorities during theoretical and practical training courses.



Our consultation services at a glance:

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