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Consultation - Scope of service


Participation in the planning of biogas plants
• Basic evaluation / feasibility studies
• Concept development


Assistance during plant planning
• Unbiased concept examination
• Comparison and evaluation of offers
Technical and biological assessment of plants


Support of biogas plants
• Technical / biological consultation during process management

  (consultation packet)
• Safe and efficient plant start-up
• Biological optimisation Training

  (investors, operators, others)


Market studies
Research & Development
• Examination of the storage stability of the input materials
• Examination of the biodegradability of new input materials
• Evaluation of inhibitors


Support packets

In addition to analytically-based special products for process optimisation, Schaumann BioEnergy is also happy to offer you fixed-term support packets. As part of these, precise analyses form a decisive basis for competent advice and the individual biological support of your biogas plant.