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Climate protection

Climate friendly biogas production at Gut Hülsenberg

The requirement of a sustainable energy supply through renewable energy sources must guarantee a reduction in climate-relevant emissions when compared with conventional processes. The persistent social and political discussion shows that there is long-term acceptance regarding the development of bioenergy only when it ecological benefits are considered and safeguarded. To substantiate this, the climate relevant effects of the energy supply from biogas must be entered in the balance sheet. For this, a greenhouse gas balance for biogas production including the production of fermentation substrates at Gut Hülsenberg was created in collaboration with the Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen (Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony). The primary aim was to identify the emission relevant sources of the plant and the optimisation potential. The results of the greenhouse gas balance are ready for you to download.

The production system at Gut Hülsenberg, simplified representation

Targeted control of emissions from substrate production

The production of fermentation substrates was identified as one of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions from biogas production. Through the in-house production of substrates at Gut Hülsenberg, the key factors connected with it can be exceptionally well adjusted to the production-related conditions (see figure).

Internal processing of slurry offers the potential for emission protection and energy utilisation

Several positive effects are achieved by the internal processing in the biogas plant of slurry produced during milk production at Gut Hülsenberg. Thus, considerable amounts of gaseous emissions are prevented through the partly gas-tight storage of the slurry and digestate. Furthermore, usable energy is produced for the entire operation, as well as the public grid, which thereby saves fossil fuels.


Measures for emissions reduction in biogas plants

Gas-tight, covered storage of the digestate and efficient substrate utilisation are particularly relevant for reducing the generated greenhouse gas emissions. The broad product range from Schaumann BioEnergy helps you to optimise the biological process and improve the specific substrate exploitation. Emissions measurement at the biogas plant by gewitra GmbH have shown that the energy production from biogas can make a considerable contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases if the optimisation potential of the plant with regard to the plant technology and operating method is recognised and utilised. The specialist consultants from BioEnergy will help you to utilise this potential.

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