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Biological ensiling agents

SILASIL ENERGY® - for carbohydrate-rich crops

SILASIL ENERGY® is a silage additive made from hetero-and homofermentative lactic acid bacteria. It promotes substrate digestion and the extremely low-loss substrate preparation of carbohydrate-rich energy crops.

SILASIL ENERGY.XD - the new biological ensiling agent for energy crops

A highly efficient combination of three lactic acid bacteria strains - Lactobacillus diolivorans, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus buchneri. It is particularly recommended when rapid silage ripening times of between 2 -6 weeks are necessary!

SILASIL ENERGY.BG - for moist, protein-rich and low sugar energy crops

SILASIL ENERGY.BG contains homofermentative lactic acid bacteria, chosen specifically for biogas production, for the protection of protein-rich and low-sugar energy crops.

SILASIL ENERGY.G - Combination product for protein-rich, low-sugar crops with high moisture content - for biogas and animal feed

SILASIL ENERGY.G is a combination of pure homofermentative lactic acid bacteria for silaging protein-rich, low-sugar energy crops with high moisture content for biogas and livestock production.

SILASIL ENERGY.C - Combination product for carbohydrate-rich silage - for biogas and animal feed

SILASIL ENERGY.C, the special combination of one heterofermentative and two homofermentative lactic acid bacteria strains. With this ensiling agent, both the biogas plant and the livestock can be supplied efficiently from one single silo stack.

DLG quality label for ensiling agents: New action category 6 for biogas generation

Schaumann BioEnergy is the first company to receive the new DLG quality label.