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THE BC.ZYM modular system



The BC.ZYM products are split into three modules:

THE BC.ZYM modular system

Module 1: BC.ZYM VK 1 to 4
Emphasis on: Improvement of the rheological fermenter properties (viscosity).
BC.ZYM VK 1, for example, contains all the enzymes and co-factors that are required for the release and cleavage of crystalline
glucans (e.g. cellulose) in plant fibres.
Module 2: BC.ZYM SK 1 to 4
Emphasis on: Targeted cleavage of difficult to breakdown compounds.
The BC.ZYM SK products are generally used in the fermenter
after the viscosity has reduced. They ensure the release of membrane permeable substances form complex molecules.

Module 3: Plant-specific mixing
The combination of BC.ZYM components in a plant-specific mixture, which is required for maintaining optimal fermenter operation.


The mode of action

The effect of enzymes in fermentation biology
The BC.ZYM products are the active ingredient complexes from specific biocatalysts (enzymes and co-factors), which accelerate the decomposition of organic substrates or make it even possible. Many degradable components, such as cellulose, hemicellulose, proteins or starches, are unavailable in many substrates without further processing. BC.ZYM provides the necessary enzymatic intermediate steps: Release and cleavage of cell wall molecules and cross-links, reduction of the cross-linkage or splitting off of energetic metabolites. The result is fast and efficient breakdown processes. Only after this process is complete can the bacteria involved in the biogas process perform the further steps of biogas production.

Emphasis on
BC.ZYM supplies optimised enzyme products, designed specifically for the biogas process. All the enzyme activities required for the complex breakdown steps are combined in the BC.ZYM products. Every BC.ZYM product places
emphasis on a specific effect.


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