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BC.SPcon - the reliable solution for foaming problems

During the degradation of organic substrates so called foam-building substances are released. These substances can adsorb to the ascending biogas and strengthen the stability of the bubbles. Thus, they stop bursting when attaining the surface but accumulate. So, a foam layer can evolve and can lead to severe technical problems when achieving the level of the gas pipes.

BC.SPcon suppresses the foam-building substances from the surface of the gas bubbles and in doing so destroys the surface foam layer in the fermenter. BC.SPcon is adapted to the application in anaerobic systems. All ingredients are bio-degradable. Digestate quality is not affected by BC.SPcon.


BC.SPcon - silicon-free, non-mineral liquid defoamer

Fight foam in biogas plants with BC.SPcon


■ Broad spectrum of activity
■ Easy to use
■ Biologically degradable