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BC. PRO START ® - the key for a fast and sustainable digester start-up

The special effect of BC.PRO Start®

The initial bacterial population in biogas fermenter is under high performance pressure, particularly during the start-up phase. They must reproduce many times within a short period, in order to overcome increasing substrate load. On the other hand, the substrate still lacks the necessary buffering capacity, to absorb the fluctuations in the acid concentration

The trace elements and nutrients of BC.PRO Start® are specifically aligned with the requirements of the microbiota, ensuring a stable and rapid start-up and the creation of an effective biological fermentation System.

Additionally, the formation of corrosive hydrogen sulphide in the motor area is greatly reduced.


Dosage: Trace element supply of biogas production plants

Application area: Fermenter or peripheral facilities

A mixture of bulk and trace elements with a specifically adjusted concentration for use in biogas plants at start-up.

Active substances:
Aluminium, boron, calcium, iron, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, sodium, nickel, selenium, wolfram, zinc in ionic form.

Chemical and physical data:
Description: Characteristically coloured powder / granules (red – brown)
pH-value (in aqueous solution) 6 - 8
Specific density: 1000 – 1300 g/l


The advantages


The micronutrients and active ingredient mixtures in the BC. range allow the methane production process to achieve its optimal performance.
They balance the deficiencies as well as adjusting the unfavourable conditions and availability of the micronutrients in the biogas plant fermenter.
In doing so they support environmentally-friendly recycling management