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BC.PRO® - The Allrounder




Trace and main elements supplemented with various active ingredients depending on specific requirements. One blend matching all demands of a fermenter. The field of application are biogas fermenters with more than nutrient deficiencies, like protein-rich fermenters (BC.PRO Ncon).


Using the BC.PRO® product range

Analysis-based, individual mixture
• Use in every volume load
• Unrestricted combination with active ingredient complexes
• In all types of plant
• Optional fermentable bag
• Dosage: 3; 4; 5 kg/100 kW

Tailor-made BC.Pro® products

Tailor-made BC.PRO® products
The situation in the fermenter differs greatly from plant to plant. It is dependent on the type of substrate used, the plant management and numerous other influencing factors. The BC.PRO® range allows the integration of all the active ingredient complexes into every plant.

BC.PRO® and specific active ingredient complexes

BC.PRO® START Developed for the starting-up phase. The mixture of micronutrients, iron compounds and buffer substances creates an optimal environment for the process biology and effectively reduces the hydrogen sulphide in the biogas.

Ncon – reduces the inhibitory effect in the nitrogen-rich plants, particularly when using high quantities of protein-rich substrates.

Scon – binds the hydrogen sulphide in the substrate.

SLcon – promotes the decomposition of the sinking or swimming layers and inhibits their reformation.

VIScon – homogenises the fermentation substrate and reduces the wear and tear on pumps and mixer.

SPcon – reduces and prevents foam formation through targeted alteration of the physical properties of the substrate.

PHcon – supplements buffering substances and in doing so increases the buffer capacity, and prevents variations in the process


ThioB – the nutrient complex ThioB optimises the biological desulphurisation of the biogas in external static bed systems.
To the BC - Special additives



To The BC - Spezial Additives