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BC.PRO BL - certified trace element blends for organic farming

The special effect of trace elements

Liebig’s barrel
As with all biological processes, Liebig’s Law of the Minimum also applies in biogas plants. This Law states that if one nutrient is limiting, full yields cannot be achieved. Therefore, an optimally adjusted trace element dosage provides the stabilisation and optimisation of the methane production process by promoting growth of the micro-organisms involved in the breakdown process and allowing the accumulation of the necessary enzymes and co-enzymes. Synchronisation of the individual steps in biogas production and a long-term increase in the fermenter performance is achieved through the addition of trace elements.

Dosage: Trace element supply of biogas and fertiliser production plants for ecological farming
Application area: Fermenter or peripheral facilities

Specification: Mixture of bulk and trace elements and stone meal, active ingredients in ionic form:
Iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, ammonia, molybdenum, sodium, zinc
The products correspond with: Regulation (EC) 834/2007 in the current version and are listed in the resources database for ecological farming.

Chemical and physical data:
Description: Characteristically coloured powder / granules (red – beige)
pH-value (in aqueous solution) 6 - 8
Specific density: 800 – 1150 g/l


The advantages


The micronutrients and active ingredient mixtures in the BC. range allow the methane production process to achieve its optimal performance.
They balance the deficiencies as well as adjusting the unfavourable conditions and availability of the micronutrients in the biogas plant fermenter.
In doing so they support environmentally-friendly recycling management