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BC. MAKROcon - compensation of macronutrient deficiencies

The special effect of BC.MAKROcon

Liebig’s barrel


As with all biological processes, Liebig’s Law of the Minimum also applies in biogas plants. This Law states that if one nutrient is limiting, full yields cannot be achieved. Therefore, an optimally adjusted bulk and trace element dosage provides the stabilisation and optimisation of the methane production process by promoting growth of the micro-organisms involved in the breakdown process and allowing the accumulation of the necessary enzymes and co-enzymes.

The microbial requirement for the main elements differs from the requirement for trace elements by a factor of 50 - 500. Due to the high requirements, deficiency compensation in the area of bulk elements can often not be covered by the concentrated trace element products of the BC.Compact or the BC.TEplex series.


Further optimisation of the nutrient supply is achieved through the supplementary use of BC.MAKROcon.