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BC.ATOX Ncon - a stabilised process biology brings an improved operating result

All nitrogen compounds in biogas digesters are reduced to ammonium. Dissolved ammonium and free ammonia are in a balance, which is governed by the actual temperature and the pH-value. Free ammonia is toxic for a big part of microorganisms being active in the biogas process. Thus, high concentrations of free ammonia threaten the stability of the methane production process and lead to an incomplete degradation of the organic substances. This can result in higher substrate demand and reduced plant utilization.

In BC.ATOX Ncon special ion exchangers with high ammonium selectivity are provided. The principle of ion exchangers is that charged ions are bonded to the surface and therefore are no longer available as free ions in the fluid phase. Decisively for the efficiency of the ion exchanger are the charging and size of the ions as well as the selectivity of the ion exchangers for special ions. Growth and activity especially of the hydrolytic bacteria are improved by further components of the product. Thus the product reduces the inhibition of high nitrogen contents and additionally activates the hydrolytic activity in the digester. This allows the stabilization and optimization of the degradation process of organic substances.


Process support by BC.ATOX Ncon

Process support



■ reduces NH3 toxicity
■ activates bacterial growth
■ stabilises the fermentation biology