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BC.ATOX liquid




Specific combination of active ingredients for the reduction of trace element gases in the biogas and process-inhibiting ingredients in the fermenter.


Process support by BC.ATOX liquid

Process support
Different amounts of trace gases are produced during the fermentation process depending on the substrates used.
In addition to the negative effects
on the process stability in the fermenter, these trace gases can cause considerable damage
to the motor and catalysers and/or cause problems during the processing
of the biogas for feeding into the gas network.


of BC.ATOX liquid:

■ Reduction in the inhibitory effects of toxic substances
■ Activation of the process-essential micro-organisms
■ Stabilisation of the fermentation biology
■ Support of the breakdown of the substrate
■ Reduction of trace gases in the biogas
■ Reduction in the motor maintenance and oil requirement
■ Reduction in precipitation in the motor and exhaust gas heat exchanger
■ Increase in the operating profit