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BC.ATOX.ACTIVE - Minimising the inhibitory effect of ammonia

BC.ATOX Active contains a special combination of secondary plant metabolites with mineral active ingredients.


The product acts even before an inhibitory effect arises by selectively supporting the growth of microorganisms that are resistant to ammonia and reducing the formation of toxic ammonia. At the same time it boosts the conversion of free hydrogen, thereby counteracting the increased formation of propionic acid.

The result

■ Stability and good degradation efficiency in plants with a high Proportion

   of nitrogen-rich substrates

■ Microorganisms resistant to ammonia are supported and harmful

   microorganisms (parasites) suppressed

■ Microfauna adapt more rapidly to higher concentrations of nitrogen

■ More intensive use of cost-effective, protein-rich substrates

■ More full-load hours through the avoidance of process interruptions


Dosing quantities of BC.ATOX products are calculated according to the Nitrogen level in the fermenter based on an in-depth consultation with Schaumann BioEnergy specialist advisers.