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Advice and analysis

The most modern analyses and individual consultation are important parts of the Schaumann Bioenergy concept. The analysis results provide the basis for decisions about targeted product use in a biogas plant. Process optimisation is only possible through expert evaluation and monitoring of the production process.

Consultation service

Plant-specific consultation

Our consultants are experts in the area of biogas production. The emphasis of their work is the preparation and storage of RRM substrates and secondary raw materials, as well as process optimisation of the fermentation biology.



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Our analyses for your success

Schaumann BioEnergy has a state-of-the-art analysis centre, in which the biological condition of the biogas plant and the specific parameters of the substrate and fermentation substrate can be analysed.
The laboratory results are the foundation for tailor-made product utilisation.
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Biogas basics

The biology of biogas production

Biogas production is a sensitive process. Anyone wishing to operate a plant at a constant high performance level must known its biological background and take this into consideration.
This includes the microbial processes in the biogas fermenter just as it does the processes during preparation and storage of the silages and other biogas substrates.
Principles of fermentation biology