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The innovative complement to BC. products

Trace elements and other nutrients (passive agents) need to be absorbed by microorganisms before they can be utilised in the production of enzymes and for other functions.


The ACTIVE range of supplements contains secondary plant metabolites (active agents) that act directly on the microbial metabolism in the fermenter.


Metabolic processes in the fermenter are characterised by complex chains of reactions, in which minute components are combined. The components contained in ACTIVE are immediately available to shorten metabolic paths and thus boost biogas formation and yields.




Usage of ACTIVE

Fig. 1 – Example of a plant-specific trace element combination with ACTIVE agent supplementation
ACTIVE agents are used in the BC. products once the trace element supply has been optimised (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 2 – Biogas volumes with and without supplementation of ACTIVE agent (determined using the Rostock activity test)
The use of ACTIVE in BC. products lifts the biochemical metabolism of the microorganisms involved to a new level. ACTIVE accelerates the process and boosts biogas production.

Your benefits when using ACTIVE

  • Accelerates the rate of biogas production
  • Inhibits the formation of long-chain, branched acids
  • Increases the osmotic tolerance of bacteria

All BC.products also available with ACTIVE
Your specialist Schaumann BioEnergy consultant assists you in selecting the optimal BC. range product for your fermenter system, based on your plant’s specific requirements of trace elements, macro elements and active ingredients. Each product can ad-ditionally be supplemented by the ACTIVE agent.