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DLG quality label for ensiling agents: New action category 6 for biogas generation

Awarding the certificates for the DLG quality label in action category 6b (from left:René Döbelt,member of the DLG e.V. supervisory board,Saxon Dairy Queen,Dr.Udo Hölker,managing director of Schaumann BioEnergy,Saxon Dairy Princess, Dr. Ewald Kramer,ISF

Schaumann BioEnergy is the first company to receive the new DLG quality label


his is the first time that the German Agricultural Society’s quality commission for ensiling agents has issued a DLG quality label in action category 6. This category is awarded to ensiling agents which are used in the production of silage for biogas generation and have been shown to improve methane generation rates in independent tests.

For the first time independent tests have confirmed that the products SILASIL ENERGY and SILASIL ENERGY.XD produced by Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH satisfy the claim of Action category 6b (improving the methane generation rate by preventing reheating). Both products are also listed in action category 2 (preventing reheating).


Testing the ensiling agents


The quality labels were issued on the basis of tests conducted at various Independent research institutes in Germany. The objective benefits for users were quantified under standardised conditions in precise scientific trials. The target criteria take into account the
special practical requirements relating to the biogas substrate: preventing energy losses and increasing biogas yields. Quality labels in action category 2 (preventing reheating) and Action category 6b (improving the methane generation rate by preventing reheating) were awarded on the basis of significantly improved silage stability and significantly increased gas yields in six independent test series.



In comparison with the control (untreated silage), the silages which had been treated with SILASIL ENERGY or SILASIL ENERGY.XD increased gas yields and stability to an impressive degree when subjected to air stress. A very distinctive fermentation acid pattern typical for these ensiling agents was produced which gave rise to the desired preserving constituents (ascetic acid, lactic acid, propanediol and propanol). The practical implications of these improvements are reduced substrate input when operating at full capacity and protection against biological disturbances in the fermenter caused by hygienically compromised silage.


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Schaumann BioEnergy – Press Service, May 2015

Fig.: Awarding the certificates for the DLG quality label in action category 6b Source: DLG


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