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Central Administration

Original seat of the company in Pinneberg

Comprehensive research and development programmes are at the core of all our innovative products. Our creative and competent team of experts are researching with the aim of constantly improving biogas production and increasing the efficiency.
Our network of selected specialists is fundamental for our excellent innovations.



We work in close cooperation with:

• ISF – Schaumann Forschung
• Schaumann BioEnergy Consult – Expertise network
• bonalytic – Analytical services





About Schaumann BioEnergy

Analysis and Tests

Gut Hülsenberg in Wahlstedt

Research & development always played an important role for Schaumann, as only with own laboratories high product qualities can be guaranteed. Schaumann BioEnergy has access to the ultramodern Analysis & Research Centre at the Hülsenberg site and to the accredited analytical centre of Bonalytic in Troisdorf. Exact laboratory results are the basis for internal quality standards and for tailor-made products. The excellently equipped technical centre for biogas research offers all possibilities for the improvement of products and the development of innovative lines.

Since 2009, Schaumann BioEnergy has been operating its own biogas plant (776 kW) at Gut Hülsenberg in Wahlstedt. Here, not only praxis scale experiments can be conducted but also research in the field of substrate conservation.

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Production sites

Our comprehensive product range is produced in modern, high-performance factories and is overseen by the strict requirements of the quality management system.


Sustainability through energy efficiency



Quality creating the advantage