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As experts for energy production from biomass - from substrate preparation to fermentation biology - our specialists take into the consideration the company and land-specific characteristics in the production of biogas. We offer solutions for every type of plant and substrate - from agricultural RRM substrates to industrial waste systems.
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Dr. agr. Melanie Hecht

Melanie Hecht

Project Manager International

Phone: +49 4101 218-5411

Paul Bock

Paul Bock

Specialist advisor

Phone: +43 664 8480265

Dr. Emiliano Bruni

Dr. Emiliano Bruni

Project Manager

Phone:+49 172 7070818

Sales management


Dr. Udo Hölker

Managing director International

Phone: +49 4101 218 60 01

Thomas Dickhaus

Geschäftsführer Thomas Dickhaus

Diploma bioengineer


Managing director international

Phone: +49 2241 9715-3018