Fermentation Biology
Enzymes as biocatalysts in biogas facilities

BC.-ZYM – Customised modular concept for lower viscosity and improved substrate utilisation

BC.ZYM provides enzyme products specially optimised for fermentation biology using renewable raw materials.

They activate conversion processes in the biogas fermenter using fibrous substrates, and function as biocatalysts. The choice of the different product variants is analysis-based.


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The biology of biogas production
Theory and practice of enzyme use


The enzyme product BC.ZYM

BC.ZYM im fermentierbaren Sack
This specific enzyme product line activates the conversion processes in your fermenter when using fibrous substrates and when trace element status is optimal.

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The effect of enzymes in fermentation biology

The BC.ZYM components are complexes of active substances comprising specific biocatalysts (enzymes and cofactors) that accelerate or facilitate the breakdown of organic substrates.

Many degradable substances such as cellulose, hemicellulose, proteins and starches are not readily accessible when presented in various substrates.

BC.ZYM ensures that the necessary intermediate enzymatic steps are completed, i.e. exposure and breakdown of cell membrane molecules and cross-links, reduction of the so-called cage effect and separation of high-energy metabolites. Once these steps are completed, decomposition takes place rapidly and efficiently.

Endogenous bacteria involved in the biogas process complete the next stages of biogas production.
Wirkung von Enzymen in der Fermenterbiologie

Maximum efficiency with customised BC.ZYM components

The modular BC.ZYM system

BC.ZYM supplies enzyme components specifically optimised for biogas processes.

The BC.ZYM components comprise all enzymatic activities necessary to complete the various, complex decomposition stages.

Each BC.ZYM component is specifically designed to achieve a particular effect.

Use recommendation

  • difficulties in mixing fermenter contents
  • difficulties in pumping fermenter contents
  • suboptimal substrate utilisation
  • a high volume of fibrous materials
  • floating or settled biomass
  • short dwell time
The modular BC.ZYM system
Main effects of selected BC.ZYM components

BC.ZYM increases the economic efficiency

The BC.ZYM components reduce viscosity, increase stirring capacity and flowability and thus support effective substrate breakdown.
BC.ZYM increased the economic efficiency