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Research projects in biogas production

The research facility at ISF Schaumann Forschung performs trials using constantly operating pilot plants.
With 150 biogas batch fermenters in sizes ranging from 1 litre to 30 litres to up to 60 litres, and 24 continuously operating biogas mini-systems of 18 litres, the ISF has the largest privately-operated capacity for research opportunities in the biogas sector.


Since 2009, Schaumann BioEnergy has been operating its own biogas plant.
At Gut Hülsenberg, there is not only the 776 kW biogas pilot plant but also the substrates required for ensilaging trials can be made available, quickly and easily.
The different factors contributing to a successful methane formation process can be investigated at a production scale level.

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Here you will find detailed information about the Schaumann BioEnergy research projects.